Art of Cinematography: Books that Film Enthusiasts and Directors Should Read


Shot By Shot

by Steven Katz

What first comes to mind when you think about Michael Bay and his films? One may think, bombs, explosions, adrenaline, and dramatic effects. It’s because Michael Bay style is about bringing his audience to the edge of their seat. For new directors or students of filmmaking, developing a style is important. The director’s style is a pre-determining factor on what movies he will be good at. Let’s say, he is into drama, he has to develop on how to stir up emotions by capturing the right angle of the actor’s facial expressions and so on. Shot by shot is a wonderful book to get started. Steven Katz has provided his profound knowledge in directing and shared his personal experience as a director.

On Directing Film

By David Mamet

David Mamet is an award-winning director responsible for producing House of Games, State and Main, and Things Change. He is multi-talented in the area of filmmaking, aside from directing, he is also a playwright and a screenwriter. His book, On Directing Film, is rich in experience-based knowledge which will tremendously help future directors. His book is one of the worthy books in cupon ebay.

Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film & Television

By Judith Weston

clapperIn every director’s career, working with different actors is inevitable. It is probably the most difficult part of the job, to get the actors to convey the character of the story in the most impeccable way. Acting skills come with experience and stimulation from the director. It is so crucial part of the movie, so directors will do anything necessary like booking airbnb折扣碼 to travel with the actor, just to make them feel something or a connection. A good actor-director relationship brought many nominations and award. Judith Weston is so clear on what directors need to do. She’ll give tips on how to make a connection to bring out the best out of actors.

Rebel Without a Crew

By Robert Rodriguez

Most directors will have a difficult start. There is no funding, no actors, no scriptwriters, and no confidence to film. Every director will have to start from this low point. Robert Rodriguez discussed in this book how he overcame the obstacles he encountered before he became successful. He told on the book how he relied on code promo ardene just to afford some props for the movie. Everything was at stake, his money, the future of his family, and his dreams.